Intensive Medical Interpreter Training Sneak Peek

  • Fundamentals of Interpreting in Healthcare
  • Memory and Note Taking
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Interpreters
  • Intro to Medical Terminology
  • All body system units
  • Interpreting in the US healthcare system
  • Interpreter Ethics Modules
  • Interpreting Practice
  • BONUS FINAL EXAM INCLUDED: Health Care Interpreter Assessment (HCIA)®

New & Highlighted Courses

Transforming through

This course will help you harness grief and pain as a way to healing, transformation and hope.

Courses: Infection Control & Industrial Safety for Medical Interpreters, Interpreting Coronavirus, and Stress, Trauma, & COVID-19

Vicarious Trauma & Professional Interpreters

Vicarious trauma affects the wellbeing of interpreters by feeling someone else’s trauma.

Interpreting for
the Vulnerable

Learners will explore facilitating communication and interpreting for survivors of human trafficking.