Ends 4/30/2020

Intensive Medical Interpreter Training Sneak Peek

  • Fundamentals of Interpreting in Healthcare
  • Memory and Note Taking
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Interpreters
  • Intro to Medical Terminology
  • All body system units
  • Interpreting in the US healthcare system
  • Interpreter Ethics Modules
  • Interpreting Practice
  • BONUS FINAL EXAM INCLUDED: Health Care Interpreter Assessment (HCIA)®

Highlighted Courses & Workshops

Interpreting in Mental Health

Demystify mental health interpreting by acquiring skills in navigating linguistic disfluency and managing encounters.

Infection Control & Industrial Safety

Delivered by Linda Golley, and seeks to help interpreters become fully competent and SAFE members of the healthcare team.

Interpreting Coronavirus Training

This course covers how to adjust interpreting practice during pandemic and relevant concepts in pandemic management.

Interpreting Coronavirus Training

During this pandemic, professionals working in various settings are encountering additional stress triggers related to COVID-19.