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Becoming a Certified Medical Interpreter

If you have considered becoming a Certified Medical Interpreter you have probably heard of the two national certification organizations: the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) and the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI).

Facilitating Communication Through Virtual Platforms

Facilitating communication over virtual platforms is a major adjustment from our normal experience. However, by leveraging technology correctly, we can still obtain valuable non-verbal communication. Additionally, Lisa details how when set up correctly, we can center and stay connected to ourselves, and fill the role of the external regulator, which will have a positive impact on those around us.

Self Regulation = Family Regulation

While much of the attention is on the interpreter in the work environment, stress and anxiety also extends to the home and family. Lisa Dion tackles this space by discussing the regulation of families and how our own emotions may impact our families.

What does my body need? Regulating before and after the encounter

How am I right now? What do I need right now to be prepared for this assignment? Showing up to an assignment with all of our activation means that we are not regulated enough to handle another layer of stress. Lisa outlines the importance of checking in with ourselves and tips to help us avoid shutting down, going numb, and experiencing vicarious trauma.

Talking to Children About the Pandemic

As the pandemic continues its presence in our lives, how do we discuss the coronavirus and relay the changes in our lives to our children? Lisa Dion converses about various scenarios that children may ask about, ways they may read our responses and how we can ensure that we, as parents, are keeping our children informed without causing panic.

Regulating Those Around Us

Regulating Those Around Us

When surrounded by people experiencing activation and stress, it is important to look internally and ground ourselves first. Lisa discusses how we can impact others through our own self-regulation.