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Am I Going to Get Sick? Fighting the Fear of the Unknown

Am I going to get sick? Fighting Fear of the Unknown

Am I going to get sick? Will I get sick while interpreting? The truth is, no one knows. By planning for the worst-case scenario, taking precautions, and managing the waves of anxiety, we can regulate the fear we are feeling.

5 Tips to Proactively Regulate

5 Tips to Proactively Regulate

In this video, Lisa shares 5 methods we can use daily to proactively regulate and center ourselves when we are feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

What is Regulation

What is Regulation?

Throughout our day, we experience different levels of activation as we face challenges. To avoid setting ourselves up for vicarious trauma, we need to regulate. Regulation increase our capacity to handle these challenges and reconnect. In this video, Lisa reviews what is regulation and how we can use it when we begin to feel disconnected with ourselves.


Normalizing: Moving from Reaction to Response

Our bodies are designed to react to our perceptions of threats, fears, and challenges. This is normal! These reactions can manifest themselves through anxiety, aggression, withdrawal, and going numb. There is no wrong reaction. Lisa invites us to pause and check in with ourselves to regulate through the activation of our nervous system.


Interpreting through Stress and Anxiety

Interpreters today are facing feelings of stress and anxiety internally and externally more than ever before. The key to self-care is to be honest and real with ourselves! Lisa and Mila share tips for staying connected to yourself while interpreting. Acknowledging our internal states and engaging in activities to stay connected to ourselves are just as important to our well-being as social distancing and eating well during stressful periods.

Take Care During Coronavirus (COVID19) Time

Take Care During Coronavirus (COVID19) Time

Here is some information that you can use to keep you safe and prevent you from transmitting germs to or between any of the people that you come across each day.