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COVID Readiness Bundle

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In this COVID Readiness Bundle you will learn how to protect yourself in the medical environment, how to interpret COVID terminology, and learn more about the Coronavirus. Additionally you will discover tools that can help mitigate the effects of stress and vicarious trauma during the pandemic.

This Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Medical Interpreters course delivered by Linda Golley, seeks to help interpreters become fully competent and SAFE members of the healthcare team.

This two-hour course covers how to adjust interpreting practice during pandemic as well as the relevant scientific and public health concepts in virology and pandemic management. Interpreters will learn how to deal with the stress and anxiety of all involved, such as when patients must get care with few or no family members in attendance. They will also learn to assist the care team and patients with communication challenges such as unfamiliar technology and masks and gain confidence in being able to adapt to new practice realities, such as interpreting through remote modality rather than in-person; stay safe from coronavirus.

During this global pandemic, professionals working in healthcare, courts, jails, with refugees or in other settings are encountering additional stress triggers related to COVID-19. This is in addition to the high levels of stress that they already experience during the course of their everyday work.  These triggers have been identified as affecting the performance and well-being of professionals, such as interpreters, by their experiencing stress and fear, or internalizing someone else’s trauma. Participants will dive into the tools that can help mitigate the effects of stress and vicarious trauma. Participants will also garner strategies to better manage difficult situations during and after the encounter, including several guided exercises.

Continuing Education Units/Credits​

Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

4.75 CEUs

Texas Health and Human Services

0.475 CEUs

International Medical Interpreters Association: IMIA

0.475 CEUs

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

0.475 CEUs

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