HIPAA For Medical Interpreters



MasterWord presents a fast-moving and example-filled overview of HIPAA for Medical Interpreters. It addresses the many issues particular to interpreters, and focuses on the types of breaches which most frequently occur. The right of patients under HIPAA to see and request copies of their own medical chart is also covered.

HIPAA for medical interpreters is specifically designed to prepare you to practice within HIPAA legal guidelines relating to privacy of patient information.

All interpreters know that they are not supposed to reveal the names of their patients. But how much information can be shared with family members who accompanied the patient to the hospital? When does a teenage patient have rights to privacy from his parents? Does a patient have rights to see his own record, to get a copy of his own record, and to restrict his name appearing on the inpatient or ER directory? How can reminder calls be made in a HIPAA-compliant way? What should one do if one has lost paperwork with patient information on it?

Continuing Education:

• .1 BEI
• 1 CCHI
• .1 RID CEUs (This course has been approved for .1 RID CEUs  by the Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID). TSID has a $10 processing fee. They waive that fee for current TSID members.)

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