The Musculoskeletal System


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This module provides a closer look and analysis of the Musculoskeletal System as applicable for medical interpreters. The main focus is to expose participants to complex medical terminology associated with the system while expanding upon the concepts learned in the introductory module. Likewise, the interpretation activities prepare students for real-life encounters of medical interpreters.

  1. Demonstrates full understanding of the main anatomical components of the systems taught.
  2. Gains a deeper understanding of the most common medical conditions related to the systems and common interpretation encounters.
  3. Demonstrates appropriate understanding of medical terminology in the context of the particular systems.
  4. Participates in an interpretation activity to gain familiarity with real-life encounters.

Continuing Education:

• 1 ATA
• 1.5 CCHI
• .15 RID CEUs (This course has been approved for .15 RID CEUs  by the Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID). TSID has a $10 processing fee. They waive that fee for current TSID members.)


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