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The Tao of Accurate Interpreting


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Accuracy in interpretation is one of the key measures of a professional interpreter. But what does accuracy entail?

Accuracy in interpretation is one of the key measures of a professional interpreter. But what does accuracy entail? How should we handle figurative language like idioms? What about double negatives, false starts, and expletives? How do we deal with messages that can only be understood in certain cultural contexts? What can we do when we suspect a consumer is not understanding? To what degree can we let nonverbal cues influence our interpretation? How can we gracefully correct substantive errors, both our own and those of a colleague we might be working with?

Through an understanding of the ethical standard of accuracy for interpreters, and a close-up look at the components and role of language, individual messages, and the process of interpreting, this workshop will answer the questions above and more.

You’ll learn specific strategies and tools for handling difficult scenarios, and be introduced to a winning exercise that will dramatically enhance your overall accuracy in interpretation.Continuing Education:

Continuing Education:

• 1 ATA
•.125 BEI (If you need BEI CEUs, please contact tad@masterword.com)
• 1.25 CCHI
•.125 IMIA
•.125 RID CEUs (This course has been approved for .125 RID CEUs by the Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID). TSID has a $10 processing fee. They waive that fee for current TSID members.)


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