Medical Interpreter Training Bundle - 4 Washington Interpreter CE DSHS

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This Medical Interpreter Training Bundle improves your memory & note taking skills, knowledge on maternal fetal medicine, mental health, and cardiology!

Receive 4 Washington CE DSHS General credits (as well as 4 ATA CEP, 0.4 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs, and 4 instructional hours for CCHI) upon completing the WA Medical Interpreter Training Bundle – 4 Washington Interpreter CE DSHS

The following course are included in this bundle. Click each course title to read their individual descriptions: 

Memory and note taking skills are critical for consecutive interpreters, particularly in the health care setting. This webinar uses proven techniques that dramatically increase the quality and quantity of information an interpreter can process. Note taking methods covered in this webinar are shown to work in conjunction with specific memory techniques in a strategy that makes for efficient, top-level interpreting.

Approved for 1 ATA CEP, 0.1 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs, 1 WA DSHS CE General credits and 1 instructional hour for CCHI.

This module addresses the most common scenarios and dialogues encountered by an interpreter while working in Maternal Fetal Medicine. The lecture and exercises in this module are designed to provide an overview of skill and knowledge requirements for any interpreter interpreting in this setting. The presentation is delivered entirely in English by Certified Medical Interpreter Gabriela Siebach. As it relates to healthcare interpreting, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify anatomical structures and medical terminology pertinent to diagnosis and treatment in Maternal Fetal Medicine
  2. Demonstrate understanding of logistical and other considerations specific to these encounters

This course has been approved for 1 ATA point, 0.1 BEI CEUs, 1 hr for CCHI, 1 WA DSHS CE General credits and pre-approved as PINRA for 0.1 RID CEUs.(TSID has a $10 processing fee. They waive that fee for current TSID members.). If you need BEI CEUs, please contact

This course is presented by Whitney Gissell, a BEI Advanced level certified ASL interpreter. It is designed to demystify the black box that is mental health interpreting. Participants in the webinar will acquire skills in navigating linguistic dysfluency and managing the difficult intricacies of mental health encounters.

Course objectives include:

  • Identifying most common mental health disorders and brain disorders
  • Understanding barriers to formulating dynamically equivalent messages
  • Gaining insights to types of language dysfluency
  • Developing tools for navigating dysfluency

Pre-approved as PINRA for 0.1 RID CEUs(TSID has a $10 processing fee. They waive that fee for current TSID members.), 0.1 BEI, 1 WA DSHS CE General credits and 1 ATA. If you need BEI CEUs, please contact

This webinar is designed for spoken language and signed language interpreters. The field of cardiology boasts of cutting edge technology and advanced therapy options paired with evolving terminology. This high-tech lingo can confound even the most experienced interpreter. Know your stuff after this webinar brimming with the vocabulary and concepts every interpreter needs to know.

This course  is pre-approved as PINRA for 0.1 RID CEUs (TSID has a $10 processing fee. They waive that fee for current TSID members.), 0.1 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs, 1 ATA CEPs, 1 WA DSHS CE General credits and 1HR for CCHI.

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